Superman to The Fonz: Vintage lunchbox collection on sale

Published 09-28-2018

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CINCINNATI (AP) - It's a baby boomer delight.

A veteran auctioneer has on display hundreds of vintage lunchboxes featuring the heroes of their childhood's comic books, TV shows, cartoon strips, movies and more. J. Louis Karp's family business in Cincinnati dates to 1870, and he says he's never seen such a collection.

A Dallas-based Heritage Auctions collectibles expert agrees. He says the auction giant has had sizable lunchbox collections, but it's rare to see such a large, eclectic collection together.

It includes comic-book superheroes such as Superman and The Avengers, and stars of TV series, movies and cartoon strips. There's "The Brady Bunch" and "The Partridge Family." ''Popeye" and "The Flintstones." And many more-obscure ones.

Bids start at $20.

The auction ends Sept. 30.

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