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Last month, I went solo to Greenwich, Connecticut after work, and although I didn't have as much free time as I would have liked, I managed to have a great time in the city and Fairfield County. I was allowed to spend a day in Greenwich and get a feel for this affluent community.

You can get to Greenwich Point from the above direction, take an Uber or take the train or take an Uber and drive to Old Greenwich (a few stops outside Greenwich), one of which is just a few blocks from my Greenwich, Connecticut hotel. My first stop was the beach, then I sat and strolled around, ate some pumpkin pie and enjoyed the beaches until I decided to visit Greenwich Town. Greenwich has two main beaches, but I enjoyed both, So I went to the one a little further away, about half a mile away.

The other beach is Great Captain's Island, which can be reached by taking a ferry from Greenwich Port, which arrives every 30 minutes and does not require a passport. The other beaches are Great Captain's Island and the other coastal beach in Greenwich Town, both accessible by ferry from the port of Greenwich, which arrives about every 30 seconds and does not require a passport. GreatCaptain's Islands is about 20 seconds by ferry from Connecticut State Park, Greenwich Point and Greenwich Town.

Route 1, also known as Old Post Road, passes through Greenwich and I-95 and can be used to take you to most destinations. Route 1 (also called Old Post Road), which runs from Greenwich to I / 95, and you can use it to reach all or most of your destinations. Greenwich has two main beaches, one on Great Captain's Island and another in Greenwich Town, both accessible by ferry from Greenwich Harbour. Greenwich Point 9 can be reached from any of the above directions or from Connecticut State Park, Greenwich Port or Greenwich Town.

While there, go to the beach, walk and enjoy the beautiful views of the Connecticut River, Great Captain's Island and the harbor of Greenwich. If you are heading to Riverside to see and remember the sign that says "Old Greenwich Railroad Station," you can also get to Old Greenwich by driving to Greenwich Point from this beach. While you are there, you can enjoy the view of the Greenwich River from Greenwich Port or Connecticut State Park, Greenwich Port or Greenwich Town, and if you have traveled from Riverside to Riverfront (see signs that say "Old Greenwich Station" or "Old Greenwich Station"), you could also reach Old Newtown from here. If you've ever gone to a beach at 9 Greenwich Point, or even from the coast, Old Newport, New Haven or New York, you still need to cross the river to reach it.

The Bruce Museum on Greenwich Avenue offers a variety of art and history exhibitions depending on the season. Other shops that adorn Greenwich Avenue include the New Haven Museum of Art, Connecticut State Museum and Greenwich Historical Society.

If you want to spend some time outdoors during your visit to Greenwich, we recommend visiting the New Haven Museum of Art, Connecticut State Museum and Greenwich Historical Society. If you need a little day trip after a bit of hunger or just forgot to change your wallpaper, we highly recommend a visit to Greenwich Connecticut. Greenwich has a variety of restaurants, shops and restaurants with a wide range of food and drinks.

If you are more of a visual type, you can download a free copy of the Greenwich CT Map here on Google Maps or here on our website.

In Greenwich, Connecticut, you can also travel by train, bus or car from New York City to New Haven, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Interstate 95 makes travel between the major Northeast cities, including New York City, New Haven, Connecticut and New Jersey, easy. Metro - North 7 has a station in Greenwich, the only one of its kind in Connecticut. Greenwich is home to two major commuter train stations, Greenwich Station and Greenfield Station. Greenwich Station has an average daily passenger population of about 1.5 million and the second largest capacity of any station on the East Coast of the United States, behind Boston.

Greenwich and Connecticut in general offer a New England vacation while you figure out how to ski. There are many things to discover in the county, which stretches from Peekskill to Yonkers, New York.

If you're planning a romantic weekend getaway to Greenwich, Connecticut, you should definitely browse this list of CT packages. Choose the family-run Delamar Greenwich Harbor as your home base in Greenwich and enjoy a short trip. If there is no Greenwich CT bed and breakfast or guesthouse for you, you might be interested in exploring this list of Greenwich (CT) hotels to find one that is perfect. Next time you're in Greenwich, you can explore the following list of places to stay, as there's no shortage of great hotels in the area, from hotels and motels to restaurants and restaurants.

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