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Greenwich, Connecticut lives up to its reputation as one of Connecticut's most popular tourist destinations, overlooked as a tourist destination and branded as little more than an affluent suburb of the city. There is a parking lot overlooking I-95 and a ramp nearby, and it is located right on the Greenwich-Stamford border.

The Greenwich Hotel parking lot and I-95 provide easy access to LaGuardia Airport and Stamford Transportation Center. There are two hotels in the area, one in Greenwich and one on the other side of the city.

The Bruce Museum is nearby and the foot of Greenwich Avenue is 5 minutes away. The hotel is also roughly the same distance from downtown Stamford, so theoretically it would be close enough to LaGuardia and Stamford Transportation Center airports.

Stamford Station is a 30-minute walk from the hotel, and Old Greenwich Station is, as I said, a 25-minute walk away. The walk to the Inn from downtown Greenwich is about an hour and a half by car or about 30 minutes by train. You can also take a taxi to Stamford, which is about 15 minutes "drive from Greenwich.

We sealed the deal by dining at J - House, which always has rich pasta dishes and fresh fish on the menu, and then we dined at the Inn.

The outdoor terrace overlooking the harbor and the beautiful view of the Connecticut River is famous for the fresh seafood from Connecticut. While enjoying cocktails and a great meal, we could relax on the beach with a glass of wine and a good book on the way back to the hotel at L'Escale.

L'Escale's rooftop terrace offers stunning views of the Connecticut River and is a check-in for a weekend evening. Our Greenwich city guide mentions restaurants, shops, art galleries and more within walking distance of the Delamar Hotel.

Don't forget to visit the newly opened Four Pillar Inn and Artisan Restaurant and then read our guide to what you can do during your stay in the city. See Greenwich: Download our free Visitors' Guide to Greenwich, Connecticut to see and do in Greenwich. Few attractions include art galleries, art museums, bird watching spots and a variety of restaurants and bars.

Amsterdam Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut is a great hotel to enjoy while visiting this beautiful city. You can stay at one of the many hotels in the city, such as the Four Pillar Inn and Artisan Restaurant or the Greenwich Hotel.

If you have a taste for more expensive and luxurious hotels, the Homestead Inn in Greenwich, connected to the Greenwich Metro - North Railroad Station, is an excellent choice. If you prefer a lower-priced hotel, such as the Four Pillar Inn and Artisan Restaurant, or if you're looking for the cheapest hotel in town, the Stamford Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut is the perfect place to stay. Choose the family-run Delamar Greenwich Harbor as your Greenwich home base as it is one of the finest hotels in Connecticut.

The Waterfront Hotel on Greenwich Harbor is, as its name suggests, the only waterfront option in Greenwich. With views of the Greenwich River and waterfront restaurants and bars, and close to the North Railroad Station subway station, the Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel is a great choice for a long-term vacation.

This boutique hotel focuses on providing high-tech accommodation, with televisions embedded in the bathroom mirror and consoles controlling the room. African masks, many pieces are for sale and all proceeds will benefit community programs such as the Friends of the Greenwich Library. Grand Luxury Suites are decorated with hand-carved crowns, gold and silver accents and a full-service bar.

Prices are generally low in Greenwich due to limited availability, but there are some great options in other parts of the state such as Hartford and New Haven. The hotels in Greenwich do not cost much for this city, with prices as low as $1,000 for one night and $2,500 for two nights. However, they guarantee you a fun and enjoyable time on your trip and you can make your stay unforgettable by visiting this beautiful city and choosing the right hotel that suits your budget. Please contact the hotel you wish to visit to learn more about how to deal with the pandemic. Read more about the changes being made to reopen the Covid '19 closure, as well as more information on the city's response.

Loyalty to a particular national brand, such as Hyatt, is what Greenwich visitors prefer to score during their stay and use those points for their stay. Former guests have often complained in reviews about the 18-day fee they charge for self-parking, as well as the lack of free parking.

If the atmosphere in Greenwich doesn't work for potential guests, or if the price of a Greenwich hotel doesn't match the budget of a traveler, we recommend staying at a Stamford, Connecticut hotel. If you prefer to stay in downtown Greenwich, check out our comprehensive guide, but don't feel guilty if you drop this inn off your list.

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